Thursday, March 30, 2006

Loyola! Loyola! Loyola!

Loyola School, somewhere in South India, India.
My alma-mater. UKG to Class XII.
Made me what I am.
(PS: But please don't hold the school entirely responsible for any of my..... ummmmm "anomalies", like being two chappatis short of a full Thaali as one of my friends described it so succinctly. Wokay?)

Run by the Jesuit Order as you might be aware.... perhaps the best organisation that can handle a difficult task like teaching little devils. Centuries as the Catholic Church's vanguard in exorcisms and demon-busting and paranormal phenomena have made the Jesuit Order the best educationists in the whole universe...... Yeah, they'll really need all that experience. :)

Now, this place is boys only.
Pros: Male Bonding. Lifelong friendships..... nee, brotherhood! Industrial strength "skin" and Untamed tounges. First names basis with the local cops and crooks alike.
Cons: Ask the girls of St. Thomas, Sarvodaya, KV and Holy Angels.

That would do for a short intro..... for now. I guess I'll be telling you a lot more on life in Loyola soon. But first, I need you to familiarise yourself with the terrain.
How about a photo tour into the greatest school in the world? Hold on Totos, we're leaving Kansas now..........

Enter, stranger!
These gates you see below were made with the very bones of the hills...... Vulcan himself spent eons fashioning the irons that hold the demons within, sparing the world of the horrors that lie beyond the runes. MUHUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

Errrrrr.........on second thoughts, no! I'll save the Bela Lugosi voiceover and the Gothic horror ishtyle for something else. ;)

OK, let's start again.
Here's the main gate to our little heaven.... If I remember correctly, the gate has been around for a long time. But that globe's new.... a bit corny, eh? Now the grills you see in the centre of the pic enclose the tennis court. Nobody played tennis in my time..... but since the advent of Ms. Mirza, I hear a lot of besotted, hopefull "suitors" are now really sweating it out there. Good luck to you, boys! Beyond the tennis court lies our dear football ground. They call it the football ground..... but you can see people playing cricket, track and field, no rules combat and dodgeball, simultaneously. Yeah, you have guessed right, we have therefore deviced strict (and violent) policies against run-out batsmen and clumsy fielders who claim they were distracted by the football (or the flying shoe, glasses, lunchboxes and undies from the friendly Muay-Thai melee nearby) out of the blue. There's a better view of this ground down the post....

Moving on, this pic right below shows the main block. The offices, computer labs, Audio-Video rooms, the SBT branch, most of the senior school classes, the library, are located in this block. The pic following this one shows the view from the second entrance, i.e via the Jesuit residence, chapel-auditorium and College road. In my case Classes IX to XII were held here. The well stocked library at the top floor provides a Zen like experience. There's the cool breeze from the hills, the view, the very gentle and pleasant Susheela Ma'am who runs the library and her assistant, the one and only Lazar Uncle. (The non-teaching staff were really kind Uncles to us...... we didn't address them so for nothing. All of them were good men... the Jesuit management really knows how to pick their staff. I can't even imagine a life in Loyola without colorful characters like Joseph Uncle, Lazar Uncle and D'Cruz Uncle, the speed demon bus-driver. Here's looking at you, folks!) The Library was personally my favorite place in the whole school.... gave me this love for libraries I carried over into college and life after college.

See the building partially hidden by the tree and with the words Loyola School in the pic above? Well, that is the annexure to the main block and holds the enoromous exam halls, arts practice rooms at lower levels, some senior school classes etc. Classes V to VIII was held here in those days..... and there was always the cool wind from the hills and the lake of the resort nearby. Lovely view too.

The main block, the annexure and a third, older building (not shown in this post) forms the quadrangle. Here's the quadrangle, as seen from the old building. The stairs lead to the main block...... we hold our weekly assemblies here. A sea of boys in black and white (no ties or tuck-in shirts or polished shoes or walking in files-holding hands or such stupid rules here, BTW) throng the stairs, the Principal sits alone on a chair at the edge of the main basketball court and there's that 7 foot adjustable mic connected to the Public Address System. Every assembly, one kid (out of 45 per division, two divisions per class = 1170 boys totally in my time) per division from the senior school HAS to give a speech/song/poetry recitation. Like the Fight Club, everyone HAS to make a go. Let me tell you this thingie cured me of my stage fright..... and helped me face the world. And thousands of other kids like me.
No public caning, report-card reading or apology in the assembly or any of that shit...... and we never had corporal punishment here! Except for late Fr. Mathew Pulickal descending on the rioting masses of naughty kids, waving his cane and hectoring them to behave like gentlemen should. I bet my immortal soul he's up there at the right side of God's throne, winking at us and promising us another thrashing with that bamboo cane when he sees us up there. (See, that ad with Big B as a priest, tagging school kids who don't have clean uniforms? That's a much watered-down version of the loving, incorrigible and impossible Fr Pulickal...... I owe him a whole post. Soon!)

Coming back to the school terrain, the pic below shows the view from the main block. What you see is the football court I told you about. That red brick structure is the so-called "Pavillion", another multipurpose edifice. Sports day fest organising, PT for kids, close-quarters football with stones, review of the latest D.B.Nair(Debonair) magazine..... this is the place. That door you see leads to the sports locker..... ahhhhh, a kids dream! We luvved to raid the place for that sweet, musty smell of old football and basketball bladders, willows, nets, tug-of-war ropes and that abdomen-groin pad. This object has never been touched since a wonderous humanoid lifeform named Bijoy (one yr senior to me) used it the very day they purchased it. AFAIK, it is an object of shamanistic awe now and legends have grown around it's etheral photoluminscense and aroma. It now occupies a place of honor at a corner of the sports room, respected, worshipped and undisturbed by all.
Right next to this room, hidden by the portico is our snack canteen. Gawwwwd...... the moments of absolute Nirvana and KaivalyaJnana I have attained here munching those snacks. Especially if I convinced someone else to pay for it! They don't make that kind of "butter-buns", "jam-cakes" and "sip-ups" anymore, sighhhhh.....What? Why are you cackling? They ARE suggestive names, but I assure you they are nothing more than snacks. Ohhh grow up, for fcuk's sake! :)

Hmmm..... now we have a view of the Junior school playplace(see that big boat thingie and the building to the left of the pic, behind the grill?) and a portion of the renovated Junior School. As you probably realise, this flatland is the football ground, as seen from the Pavillion.

The Chapel and Auditorium complex is the coolest structure in the campus. Designed by Laurie Baker, this exhibits his style of affordable and enviornment friendly architecture. The auditorium is huuuuge, accoustics are excellent and there's a large balcony section for the "criminally" inclined. Visit the backenches of the balcony during festival time to know what a Pepsi, spittle and popcorn shower is like! Been in sooo many auditoriums, but nothing ever measures upto this one. The cheers, catcalls, whistles and the curses still ring in my mind..... so clearly. After class hours, Karate classes were held in the auditorium. I used to be a little Bruce Lee for a couple of years you know, though you wouldn't tell if you saw my "chiselled" body now. ;) We had to clear the chairs off first to make the Dojo.... and arrange them back after the 90 minute class. Our sinews, fists, knuckles, shins and knees hurt like a million hells, but still we had to do it in 5 minutes sharp...... lest Sensei's thick Black Belt descended on our butts or thighs to "encourage" us.
The chapel is quite an experience, even for an "idolatorous heathen" like me. ;) The design is such that the light enters through some strategically placed windows and converges at the altar.... giving it an out-of-world glow. Trust me, it's some light-show! Add to it the rich, booming voice of Fr Thayyil or the so-sensible and paternal voice of Fr Thomas or the earnest and pointed voice of Fr Pulickal or even the metallic, no-nonsense voice of Fr Manimala, this chapel provides a very mystical experience. I have spent so many hours sitting here, praying to every God that came to my mind, before exams or for my house to win the cup (while the festival was going in the auditorium, seperated from the chapel by a wall).... or simply to be at peace. Life was so simple then, we were rather innocent, the Gods were simpler, theology more black and white and we weren't yet exposed to the shenanigans and spin-off effects of religion-politics or caste-politics. Anyway......
The grottos and the 12 passions, staple features of every catholic church, are quite unique. The passions are represented by simple outlines wrought in iron. No grand mosaic glass panel, icons and Biblical verses in huge Gothic scripts..... simple outlines. My favorite one is the passion showing Jesus carrying the cross, it's a simple metal outline..... says so much, with so little. Just like that famous three swoosh pencil-sketch representing Gandhiji.
Here's Apu (Peri) and Mathew(Ichaayan) at the spiral stairs leading to the balcony of the auditorium. We were just finished with a game of basketball..... One door to the auditorium can be seen at extreme left of the pic. That was my least favorite door, you land right into the midst of the teachers and judges who occupy the front rows. Definitely no place for exhibiting your true self!

Wowww! The "Hockey Ground"! But Hockey was last played here during the time of Dhyan Chand..... this has long been taken over by the warlords of cricket. See the trees lining up on the side, they were the "wickets". The first gang to reach the ground possessed the middle tree, the prized location for obvious reasons. We made bats out of coconut leaf stems (till we were "old enough" to ask for proper bats from the sports-room) and played with tennis balls.... took turns in buying the ball you know. Sometimes, we pooled resources from "sip-up" money for buying a ball. God help the wretch who loses it before it wears away into an amorphous piece of pulp! Even worse fate awaits those who hit the ball into the thick bushes beyond the ground.
BTW, the number of times I've scraped my knees and elbows in the hard, unforgiving ground! Something abou the place..... the ground is so unnaturally hard.

Here's another view from the main block..... this one shows the second basketball court. Can you make it out from this pic? Whenever they had exams for other classes in the quad buildings, or during free periods or when the school team was practicing, this is where we little scamps headed off to. I've been to the Thar and Mojhave deserts..... but I've never seen so much fr1ggin dust as this piece of Mother Earth. It was lovely though..... all that dust just adds to the feel and the thrill of the battle. Until Apu charges from the Khamsin and rams his knee into your family jewels before proceeding to score while you writhe on the ground and eat the dust. Ouch!

Another view of the Junior school down here.... the buses were just filing in as I took the pics. They tore down my old junior school... the brick-red, single story, horse-shoe shaped Laurie Baker style structure and built this green monstrosity in its place. Damn! And I have no pics of that beautiful old place...... the central quad, the "port-holes" we shot passers-by with paper pellets, Rajappan uncle's lair, Fr Thomas's room, the comfy infirmary.
Sighhhh. Nothing lasts forever......

Ok..... some of my greatest memories in school was the jolly little forest and that deep "trench" which once existed right where they are building the new stadium. See that in the background of the pic below? We were so pissed when they erased those woods ...... we had so much fun there. The terrain was so much like the alpine and semi-forest terrain of Fauji serial. Had loads of fun playing commandos and Pakistanis out there, imaginations fired to max till that shrill bell at 12:40 sharp. The parents were glad though.... they always thought the "enchanted woods" were dangerous. After all, our school "muscot" and showpiece Python (passed away a few years ago) was captured there. I used to spend hours staring at the Python, waiting for it to sit up and hiss and scare me like those nasty Nagas in those Prem Nazir movies. No dice...... it rarely moved. I guess he was too lonely, bored and sad. He spent almost his entire life in that little improvised cage beneath the stairs you see. NOW I feel so ashamed for not letting him out back then.

All thats left of our original terrain are the slides you see in the following pic. They seemed so menacing and steep back then. The ultimate test of "manhood" was sliding down these wearing those nylon socks for added mobility and danger..... or better, during the rains when it gets slippery! There used to be a shicking red merry-go-round, two see-saws and two pairs of swings in the empty space you see. I wasn't scared of the merry-g-round and the swings..... used to cling on even when the merry-go-round was spun at maximum speeds and my friends had jumped out screaming. I just loved that feeling in my stomach and the wind in my hair. I could swing to the maximum heights and jump off too...... somehow managed to land on my feet all the time. The see-saw was another matter though. I was scared to death of Vinay or Kiran jumping off the other end at my maximum ascent, sending my ass crashing into the ground at terminal speeds........ along with my end of the see-saw. How my spine and rib-cage jangled after impact! These two used to do that all the time....... the thrill was in the mind-game and guessing when he's going to jump off. However, I could never muster up enough courage to return the favor...... jumping off a see-saw when I was on maximum ascent seemed so suicidal. The fulcrum thingie messed up my calculations in statics, projecticle theory, aerodynamics, wind velocity and thrust to weight rations..... for all I know, I could end up with my chin mashed into my mouth . So I sat there and took it like the pu$$y I was. :P

I guess that will do for today.............. already this is a loooooong-ass post. I doubt if the page would ever load for all ye mere mortals with slow connections. All the pics are approx 150KB each! Resized from their original 1 MB High-Quality versions onlee. I only hope the blog software doesn't distort the pics too much.

Lots of things I haven't included..... partly its b'coz of space considerations, partly because I don't have the pics. Perhaps I SHOULD make more posts on my school, the people and all the anecdotes..... I feel I haven't done enoigh justice to Loyola. Lots of things still clanging inside my head, waiting to be put down on black and white before time erases them. Thank God I have a rather good memory..... and I am a compulsive record-keeper (personal diaries, mementos, catalogues, pics etc). Ever fear about a time when you start forgetting things you never should? Ooops, here I go on tangent again..... (Note to self: never read short stories like Orma or see movies like Thanmatra or even Bubba-Ho-Tep!)

Better get outta here. Till next time, Bye!


At 6:46 AM, Blogger Jofu said...

Pappannaabha... Good post... :) Nice to read about Loyola after a long time..... Do write more :) correction..
>First names basis with the local cops and crooks alike.

local cops maatram mathiyo ? Did you forget how we managed to impress the Cops at Ernakulam Marine Drive..... (that was in 12th I think)

At 9:00 AM, Blogger quills said...

That was interesting and I notice that a lot of u Loyolites blog.

And now that you have dedicated such a huge post to your alma mater, I feel I should do something soon about the best girls' school in the city..yes, you got that right..Holy Angels. :))

But then it might take some time in the making, coz first of all I have to get down to TVM or convince some of my old schoolmates to once again enter the famed portals of HAC and snap some fine pictures to add to the text.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger raka said...

I have not read any of your posts. Hence this is a comment on a comment you wrote somewhere.
A word of unsolicited advice from one engineer to his fellow engineer, to surrvive the daily perils of our education rendering us crippled to deal with the emotional aspects of things.

The advice is:
When a girl says something about her feelings, you just listen and say something like 'yeah, I understand'
or 'Wow that was a good post' etc. instead of trying to fix their problems, as if they were some software code.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Anand K said...

@ Jofu: Hallon ol' boy! Thanx a ton for the compliment. Yeah, more stuff on Loyola is coming soon..... and you bet I'll write about your unimitable bowling skill!
The Ekm cops wasn't the last of it right? If I remember correctly you guys said you were from St. Thomas school when the TT caught you in the AC sleeper coach (duhhhh!) for ticketless travel. At least you ddin't tarnish the name of OUR school!

@ Quills: Oho.... Holy Angels! ISC-ICSE school or the SSLC one? Ahhhh, I have stalked both these places in my days of youth. Pssst.... Sister Brenda and Siser Claire both knows me on first names basis. Sister Brenda once threatened to shoot me (with that double-barreled gun she reportedly keeps in her study) if she ever sees me anywhere within as much one mile of Nanthencode Taluk. Perhaps you have even seen me among the posse being hauled off by the mufti cops.... ;)
PS: I did my LKG and a term of UKG in Holy Angels SSLC where they let in boys upto Class IV.

@ Raka: I guess you saw my comment on EP's post, eh?
EP knows me for quite some time... we met in our 1st sem, Nov '99 and soon became part of group who were thick as thieves through college and beyond. So I am pretty sure she has buried my "sage" advice where it belongs-in an unmarked grave in a moonless night, under a motherlode of lime and lye for good measure. They sure know what kind of horrendous troubles my succinct 'pearls of wisdom' can land their hapless recipient with. Ain't that right, Eeeeeps?

BTW, that "Yeah, I understand" line and a "Jadoo Ka Chappi" with an assuring expression on your face can sure takes you a looong way.
Uh Oh, what did I just say!!!! >:D

At 5:52 PM, Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Heh heh heh ...

i can vouch for the Loyola breed .... me being from STRS !!

lemme go thru the second last para ...

At 5:53 PM, Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

have been to loyola once - for the science fest there ... gawd !!! u guys all looked so scary

At 7:20 PM, Blogger quills said...

So that's why Sr. Brenda carries that gun, and all this time we thought she was fond of hunting local wildlife. :)) Arrey, you are also familiar with Sr. Claire eh? :) Now I know you did grace our school with your presence.

Btw, so how come you moved from HAC after LKG? The girls got too wild? ;)

At 8:24 PM, Blogger >|' ; '| said...

wonder if i will ever blog like this abt sarvodaya :)

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Saran Soman said...

gr8 post tat brought back a lot from my degeneratin grey matter.......
keep writin..

At 12:20 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

school days were the best eh?

At 1:06 AM, Blogger Anand K said...

@ Deepa: Loyolites guilty as charged, Milord. As they say, the best judges of men are women. :)
BTW, nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than hearing that a San Thomite was scared of Loyolites.
Be afraid..... be very afraid. :P

@ Quills: Yeah... I really had been a "Holy Angel" once, and I still vivdly remember some images of HAC. Didn't change much AFAIK.... when I came over as a part of my school delegation to invite HAC for La Fest '97. For some reason they didn't let a nice guy like moi explore the campus..... darn.

And why did I have to leave HAC? Hmmmm...... I guess my folks wanted me to go to a REAL school. :P
That broke a lot of hearts... I know. Wish I could've done something about it then. >:D

@ Poison: Outsource the job to me, sirrah? ;) There were objects of ceaseless wonders in the Sarvodaya batches of '96-'98!

@ Saran: Thanx Saran! :)
Degenerating grey matter? Already?! ;)

@ Immigrant: Yeah.... always. College was quite fun too, but we're talking 13 yrs with the same crew and pals here! And for some reason, I couldn't create bonds as deep in my college years.

At 1:19 AM, Blogger quills said...

"Real" School?...Grrr...its a good thing our dear Sisters did not let you wander within HAC's walls.
And then I am pretty sure, it would not have been broken hearts but broken bones of a certain somebody :))

So be nice to us and then we are most angelic. :)

At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Jian said...

Nice, though I must say that the loyola in those pictures is in actuality miles away from the loyola that you probably knew.

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Arjun Ramakrishnan said...

great post, loved it...

saw one of your comments elsewhere mentioning Maithri Ma'am and instantly knew you were a loyolite.

i had wonderful two years in loyola and passed out in 2004 isc. still have great memories of those two years. indeed loyola does a lot to make all of us what we are.

sabse aage ladthe kaun....

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Anand K said...

@ Quills: Yessssss Maaaaawwwwsterrr! ;)

@ Jian: Hallon Jian! Nice to see u here.
Well, except for the Junior School thingie, I had been around when most of these changes happened. The annexure, the grills, the stadiums..... Moreover, our batch had ALL our informal meets in Loyola itself. So, it ain't exactly an alien place to us now. Ohhh.... and most of the staff, except few ppl like DP, Joy Staar, Pereira, Thomaskutty and Edassery most of the old guard have retired. Most of them had been around for a looong time, remember?

PS: Remember that chapter in Tom Brown's Schooldays when he comes back to Rugby School? :)

@ Arjun:
Sabse Aage Ladthe Kaun....
Veer Bahadur Ladke Kaun?
Arre Aage Dekho....
Peeche Dekho....

Still remember those improvise and original battle crys and chants as our boys ploughed into the opposing teams. Ahhh..... those days!
BTW, it was the folks from our batch, including the two blokes you see in the chapel pic here that won us our last BB cup. AFAIK, we haven't won the Loyola BB Cup after that, right? :(

Apres Moi, Le Deluge..... eh? :P

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Mind Curry said...

wow man!! that was an experience..every now and then i visit our school site and alumni pages to relive the days..but this was awesome!

the "forest"..the tennis court, college, auditorium..

i still remember the "feeding" day for the python when atul uncle would feed a rat to it..and the whole school would scramble around the cage to watch the action.

these are the kind of memories never fade..

and babbaba :)

At 6:30 AM, Blogger Pooja said...

Interesting, I just blogged about holy angels convent and had almost put a reference to loyola ;)

Joseph pointed me to your blog entry, I sure see what you mean by the bonding...

" I feel I should do something soon about the best girls' school in the city..yes, you got that right..Holy Angels. :))" - ha ha, I should pass this on to the women from hac.

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Jiby said...

puppy kutta, finally i am putting my comment here and this comes from all the loyolites...u put us back in our uniforms, every foto evokes such strong memories...infact met with the guys in tvm and they all loved every bit of it...somebody wuz saying every square inch of school wud have a tale to tell of a loyolite's heroics or villainy.

aliya, i see quite a few "angels" wonderfully tempted to mock them but am just not in a mood for a fight reminded of bunking tuition to go for their schoolday only to get thrown out coz boys(except for brothers of hac gals) not being allowed to come and the guys dragging me out too when i planned to stay back using my sister for an excuse and next day at school fr.edasseri(courtesy his super spy service) intercepting us with a list of us guys who went there.

great post man...long live loyola!!!

At 2:07 AM, Blogger knifecrap said...

that is truely an amazing site u have here . pp. cheta.
(ye. and i remember u frm old days :). how r u)(psst. im rakends cousin. i think u were in his batch :))
anyway.... this site rockss.
loyola ROcks. it rolls. it rules...

im in 12th this year..... one more year to go.. im already so nostalgic
..we all willl miss this place..... its truely home
not the same as it was when u ppl were here. still.. it still rockssss
i dont wanna go :(
-syam (asc 2007)

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Anand K said...

@ Mind Curry: Yes... feeding day. Kids screaming for the kill while the python inches forward towards the prey. I couldn't stomach it for a while, you know..... it was much later that I was turned into the Dark Side and reborn as Darth Wandererus. :P
(BTW, saw the movie Roadtrip where the crazed, stoned Tom Green tries to feed a mouse to a python.... who is in no mood for a meal? That was one freakin' funny movie that started a trend..... and Stifler is in it too.)

@ Pooja: Hi Pooja. I was in ISC '98 too, but we never met back then. I knew very few of HAites, nice to meet you folks in Blogistan and Orkut. Somehow I *always* ended up in the St Thomas-Loyola mixed batches instead of the HAC-Loyola batches in all those tutions. Remember AO, Saramma, IOP etc? :)
Thanks for the comments BTW..... and I'm waiting for the HAC post. Ma'am Quills has already threatened us with a post, would like to see another take from you.

@ Jiby: Thanks a ton, boss.... I'll be doing some more posts on Loyola. But other folios of the CET chronicles and an attempt at a Horror novella are on the anvil (and the waiting list).... however, expect a Loyola post soon.
I almost forgot about that incident, man.... how I wished I had a sis who went to HAC (and proceeded to pick on my poor little bro for his "crime" of being born male). :D
I was "mollified" only later when you guys actually landed in trouble for the cardinal sin of 'tarnishing' Loyola's good name.... so much for Loyola Spirit, eh?
Waiting for other Loyolites to lynch the traitor ;)

@ Knifecrap: Heh heh heh..... Rakendu was my little bro's classmate, I guess you mistook me for that brat. ;) No problemo, senor.... always nice to see another Loyolite in the blogosphere.
I guess you were in 5th when we took the walk..... my contacts with juniors didn't go that far down the "food-chain" :).... and faces change so much too. I can't even recognize most of my bro's classmates who practically grew up in front of me! So please please forgive me, 'coz I really don't remember....
BTW, In Class 12th eh, that's some year.... not only that you can be 17 just once in your life, but it's that year we make our destinies. All the best and make us proud Bhai

At 3:17 AM, Blogger Pooja said...

"Remember AO, Saramma, IOP etc?"

Saramma yes - 2 yrs!. Others no, I think I went to different places, Joy sir, Unnithan sir, [2 yrs each!!] and Pradeep Kumar for a short time.

Athens, guys are ambitious. I will be fairly impressed if even some good %age of you guys pull that off.

At 9:53 PM, Blogger silverine said...

This was such a good read. Hope there is a sequel. I have heard so much of Fr Pulickal from Jiby's posts that I would dearly love to read more about him. A priest loved by the 'little boy devils'? This I got to see :))

The school looks lovely from the pictures and you guys had a lot of place to run around which so essential for a boy's school. It's either that or sedation :p

Great post, made me all nostalgic. Every Loyolite has such loyalty and love towards their Alma Mater that it can't be just nostalgia, it has to be something more.

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post man..
Long live Loyola...

At 2:32 AM, Blogger Kamana Sharma (SD) said...

hey, nice to read ur blog... really really nice.. atleast seeing the snaps of loyola school reminded me of std 12th when we came for the La Fest.Well the snaps in ur blog did refresh all those m'mries.

Athens is a great plan.. but tell me r u ppl going to meet each other there????? ;)

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Anand K said...

@ Pooja: Oh, you were in Joy Sir's troop? I was one till Class XI, went over to AO in XI. Gave me a solid foundation in Physics and he's a family friend too. I guess his eldest daughter has her entrance exam this year...

@ Silverine: Thanx Silver! :)
Loyola has this effect, "You can check out... but you can never leave". Perhaps it's the ambience and that particular cast of characters, the old guard. Dunno... just happy I was there.
BTW, I'm going to put a post on Pulickal father real soon.

@ Anon: Thanx bro.... May she live a thousand lifetimes.

@ Kamana: I still remember how hard I jockeyed to be on the reception committee. Remember me standing there grinning ear to ear, almost going "Hallo Maaaadam, welcome to Ooty!"? ;)
I guess we WILL be going to Athens.... stragglers and defeatists shall be executed with extreme prejudice!

At 9:03 AM, Blogger Jofu said...

Fr. Pulickal - He was such an inspiration that we 'kids' will not forget till the day we turn to dust. Do write about him soon. Remember his grammer/history/MS classes ? oh God.. how difficult it was to convince my parents about how tough it was.. He will be right now sitting right besides 'Him' smiling at the places we spoilt Brats have reached so far..........

At 1:12 PM, Blogger Shark said...

this is some good shit....and i'm still in it...Loyola that is(not that its rocks!!...figurative you see)...

so, fellow Loyolite and blogger(mine's say unto thee.....well done....
i guess it dun't mean much coming form a 16 year old, but hey!...there it is....

keep it up and we'll need to buy even more buses for Loyola...


p.s. name's Tushar

At 3:40 AM, Blogger Pooja said...

Joy sir is cool. He once told my sister something to the effect that I was arrogant but smart, so I could get away!! I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not coming from him ;)

Oh my my, she is giving her entrance, she was a kid when I last saw her. Why do all the things these days make you feel old :(

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Anand K said...

Sorry for the delay in replying folks.... missed these somehow.

@ Jofu: Amen Jofu. Amen.

@ Shark: Welcome to Ooty, fellow Loyolite! You got a cpl of nice blogs there.... BTW, that story of "Somebody up there" was somehow touching. Nice blog template too...
Keep blogging, Tushar Boss!
Jiye Loyola!

PS: More buses for Loyola? You pampered scamps.... when I was in loyola, they used to stuff like 1000 kids into 4 buses! :P

PPS: I was in Bus No 4, all through my Loyola years!

@ Pooja: Don't even try to make sense of Joy Staar's Uvvachas like these. They are more intricate, apocryphal, relativistic, cryptic and cabalistic than whatever the Bavarian Illuminati ever threw at us! ;)

Yea, everything around us reminds me that I ain't getting any younger. For example, the hot actresses/models ain't Chechis anymore (they are much younger than you are)...... the guy in the Bakery gives you this strange look when u ask for "jam cakes", almost drooling over the counter.... little kids call me "uncle"...... and when I get home after all this with a huge "mid-life" crisis, Mom tells me she its time I got settled!

Sighhhhhhhhh........... where's my Fountain of Youth?!

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Ajay said...

hey dude
Felt glad to visit the blog of some Loyolite
LOYOLA is the best

Im a Loyolite too
Loyola High School , Pune , Maharashtra

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Robin said...

I studied in STRS till 10th.I joined loyola in 11th.

At 5:00 PM, Blogger Kurur said...

I am an ex-Loyolite too perhaps of an earlier generation. (ISC'94). Joined Loyola in 1982. 12 years in Loyola were the wonder years of my life.

It has been more than a dozen years since I have visited school. The snaps you posted have brought back lots of wonderful memories of the place and people.

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Syam said...

I see my comment here posted when i was in 12th(under a name knifecrap)

thanks for the long reply..
"BTW, In Class 12th eh, that's some year.... not only that you can be 17 just once in your life, but it's that year we make our destinies. All the best and make us proud Bhai"

ended up in college finally. its not half what loyola was :)

when is the 2nd part coming up ?
hmm btw knifecrap was a stupid name... a figment of a 14 year olds imagination yaers back :D
ul get me at
id say ive improved heh

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Nitish- Brimming with memories. said...

Hi. We, the organisers of La Fest 2010 have decided to make a website compiling all information that is available on la fest today. the website will showcase everything related to the history and future of la fest. plz help. all those who visit this blog, plz help us. reply to

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Prathap Suthan said...

Hi Anand, my name is Prathap Suthan - Loyola 1977. I happened to run into your blog, and read your delightful post about the school. Just a quick one. If you are on FB, please do join the new page that we have for the school. I also need your help to add more your classmates, and share this message with others. It's time we took our badge a bit higher. Do connect -, or

At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm a student of the 2k15 batch. Loyola has changed a lot from the pics displayed...

At 12:55 AM, Anonymous middlerowilesecondlastbench said...

I'm a student of the 2016 batch . I hardly think you people would recognize Loyola now . It has changed ... by leaps and bounds :\ . I've been out for less than a year now but it feels so different :(
"pulikuttikal nammal pullikutikal ,loyola schoolinte pulikuttikal "
Cheer Loyola Sons :D :')


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