Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I've been tagged again.... this time by Silverine. Now I wanted to do another topic this time but this tag's quite different and it's doing the rounds in blogosphere. Guess I shall do it when it's still fresh and hot.

1. Most Desired Celebrity

This is Enya, birthname Eithnee Ni Bhraonain . THE Queen of New Age and Celtic Music.... my fave genres. Classic tall, emerald eyed, true-blood Irish beauty, not like those ever-drunk Anglo-Saxon pretenders who later infested the Emerald Isle. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she was my first crush...... her silken voice, the ambience and her looks (plus that beautiful Orinoco Flow video I first saw her in) just bowled me over way back in 1993. She ain't drop dead gorgeous and right now she has visibly aged a bit, but her voice and the whole Celtic thing sure compensates it hundred-fold! (Yeah, I got a thing for girls who can sing)
BTW, she has 20 years on me, she's richer by about 200 million dollars, she's jealously guards her privacy and lives an almost secluded life in Mandarlay Castle..... Still, hope springs eternal. Since my "awakening" other celebrities have come and gone out of my lecherous "span of attention", viz. Urmila Matondkar, Sharon Stone (the full version, not the abomination with Alexis's head on :P ), Aishwarya Rai, Winona Ryder, Preeti Jhangiani, Udita Goswami etc etc right upto Angelina Jolie now...... but this Irish lady has always held a special place (say about 143 cubic centimetre in volume :P) in my heart.
So I guess she's the one who fits this "most desired celebrity" bill. :)
Love You, Eithnee.

2. Want to do this one day

Now we are talking! If there's anything better than Carmaggedon with a monster truck (which I will call Christine after Stephen King's demonic Thunderbird '68), it's a murderous cross country spree with a fully armed Main Battle Tank with 1500HP engine, 125mm smoothbore autoloader cannon, 25 mm machine-cannon, 2 co-axial 7.62mm MMGs, Phosphorous smoke grenades and full electronic warfare array. I'm going to call her Gogo after that kick-ass Japanese chick from Kill Bill. Quake in your boots mere mortals....... Gogo and I are coming.

3. Want to visit this place

The Moon. And beyond.
One day....... one day.

4. Random Favorite

Don't ask me!

OK OK..... I'll tell ya. First of all this ain't a gag. Honest!
This freak incident occured in the greatest, purest, fairest, tightest, most enlightened country in the world, Pakistan. A prisoner in one of their jails complained to the resident Doc that he has "ishtomak trauwble"...... the Doc takes an X-ray and finds this. The guy says he has no idea how it got inside his nether cavity.
Yeah right! Check out the popular patriotic Desi fora like BRF, Frontier India etc, they are going gaga at this episode. We are officially entering this into Ripley's Believe It Or Not and The Jerry Springer Show. :D

5. I was tagged by

It's not every day you meet a dudette who has a zany sense of humor plus an engaging writing style. In all my blog-trawls in desi blogosphere I have found only those three crazy females from Sepia Mutiny, Aashraya(Crystal Blur) and zis very Silverine who fits the bill.
So..... here's lookin' at you, Silverine! May your tribe increase.
PS: I will have my revenge-i-tag soon, Madamji. :P

6. Who's being tagged next.

Hmmmm....... I'm a Johnny-Come-Lately in this particular tag, most of my pals have already been tagged. So I'm leaving this one open.
Interested folks, knock yourselves out....

Rice and Rum for 2008.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger silverine said...

Thanks Anand for taking this tag, you were tagged by Mathew too I think :)

I love Enya and particularly the video of Orinoco Flow (sail away). If you have an mp3 of the same do mail it to me.

Gogo looks err..am at a loss for words here :P

Moon tourism is on the anvil so I guess you will get to go there soon! And the bulb incident... ROFL No comments :))

Thanks for the kind words and please blog more often and I promise not to tag you :)

At 2:19 PM, Blogger mathew said...

ha..a fully armed MBT..how abt a F-22 raptor..gonna blow ur MBT to dust!!! hehehe..

neways ur random favourite is weirdo..where did u get that one from..
Also lemme know if u have any extra tickets for moon..

At 6:14 PM, Blogger >|' ; '| said...

THE Queen of New Age and Celtic Music.... my fave genres. Classic tall, emerald eyed, true-blood Irish beauty, not like those ever-drunk Anglo-Saxon pretenders who later infested the Emerald Isle.

man..... ye sound like indian neo nazi :-ss :D

Gogo rocks...wud love to have an A10 to give gogo good company ;)

and my condolences to
poor paki papillon... ;(

At 12:18 AM, Blogger Alexis Leon said...

I also love Enya. My favorites are 'Paint the sky with stars' and 'Only if'.

Sharon Stone (the full version, not the abomination with Alexis's head on :P ) ROFL.

Want to ride an MBT. OMG. That monster in your hands. God help us...

Moon: All the very best.

Random favorite: That was really funny :-)

Nice one buddy.

At 8:23 PM, Blogger venus said...

Enya has such a mesmerizing voice, I'm also a fan of Enya's!

Space tourism is not too far for your moon walk and beyond :)

gogo and you in a monster truck err tank.. What should we expect!?!?! :D

Enjoyed your tasveeren kahanee..

At 12:03 AM, Blogger Anand K said...

Pardon for ze delay in replying, Mein Volk. Ze Blogfuhrer was zick for a few days....

@ Silverine: I have each and every MP3 of Enya ever recorded, including her rendering of Ring-a Ring-a Roses when she was in KG! :P Mail me at anand.karthikeyan@gmail.com and I'll send you Orinoco Flow.

And yessss.... even I have difficulty in expressing my thoughts on Gogo! Sighhhhhhh...

About thy request,
Psst.... let me tell you a secret; I lead a double life. I am a masked supervillain bent on world domination at night and a four-eyed geek by day, milady.... very tight schedule you see. (Washing the super-underwear all we superpeople wear over our spandex pants itself is a time consuming job.) I therefore can only wish I had more time to blog.
But when my mission is done.... i.e mankind crushed under my foot and it's institutions in ruins, I promise thee I will fulfill your wish!

@ Mathew: Ok dude, you got me there! Nothing I can do against a Raptor from a poor MBT. Not unless you fly slow and real low... :)

I got that pic from a link in this forum (BRF) I frequent.... you can just do a google too.

Extra tickets for the moon? Dus ke Thees, Dus ke Thees! :P

@ Poison: Indian Neo Nazi? Ach Yez, Herr Poison... Brown Power!

A-10 Warthogs are so Reagan-era, Padwan. We use JSOWs/Hellfires from RQ-9B these days....

Nein Nein, not Papillion! THIS hero is the real "Jugnu".

@ Alexis Leon: Ahhh, the prospect of moi getting destructive weapons.... the horror, the horror! ;)
In that note, let me quote a piece from Shakespeare to add to this stern and grim mood as an allegory...

I fear me you but warm the starved snake,
Who, cherish'd in your breasts, will sting your hearts.
'Twas men I lack'd and you will give them me:
I take it kindly; and yet be well assured
You put sharp weapons in a madman's hands.

Henry VI, Act III, Scene I

@ Venus: Zhang! Enya has a lot of fans! Mogambo Khush Hua!
I didn't even expect many folks to even hear about Celtic Music... I feel most of them think MJ and MLTR are still hot! Lot of my pals in college and school didn't go beyond MJ, MLTR, Black Sabbath and the mandatory Pink Floyd! Celtic, New Age, Alternate, Classical are for true music lovers, eh? (The Mallu backwardness and phase-lag in music was so accuratelly portrayed in an MTV skit I watched recently.... the one about two coconut sellers being interviewed about Sting and they answer thinking Sting was MJ. It was hilarious!)

Errr, Gogo and I? If you wanna know what the real Gogo thinks of men hitting on her, watch Kill Bill: Vol-1.....
Therefore she and I run a strictly functional and professional partnership; I ride her and she takes me places.
Hey, why are you cackling? What did I say.... :P

At 8:12 PM, Blogger 日月神教-任我行 said...



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