Friday, October 27, 2006

The Story Must Go On....

I have posted the second chapter... well, a section of the second chapter.... of my Voldemort saga in my wordpress blog. Been away from blogging and blog trawling for a long time..... I just got into a new job in hardcore tech and life's been sorta hectic since then. My free time, which there seems to be less and less of these days are hogged by South Park episodes or cult novels in CDisplay format. Yet I did some reading on the finer points of dramatic writing and chiseled off the rough edges of my story... or so I think. I guess those serious works on fiction writing has helped me a bit.... of course you can't learn to write a novel/short story/poem from a "Dummies" type book or an MA level tome on dramatic fiction, but it sure helps you take your first steps,chart a safe course and sharpen those tools the storytellers are born with. Anywayz, there will be a steady stream of posts which would take you readers down my Voldemort story now that I have a good idea on where this is all going.

So here's the pulp I just coughed up. Reader, you have been warned! ;)

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